We Are on a Roll: Ursula Burns, First Black Female CEO to head Xerox

In Business, Women on May 27, 2009 at 12:44 am


Ms. Burns is making waves (and history) at Xerox

Ms. Burns is making waves (and history) at Xerox

It’s only the middle of the week and the excellent news of keeps pouring in. I happened to see a copy of the Wall Street Journal at work today with Ms. Burns’s picture.  This fabulous woman of humble beginnings has worked her way up from intern to CEO of Xerox.

I find curious that the New York Daily news article quotes Ms. Burns as saying, “My perspective comes in part from being a New York black lady…” when a similar comment by Supreme Court Justice Nominee Sonia Solomayor has sparked cries of racism.  

I personally see nothing wrong with being honest about your cultural background affecting the way you see things and do business.  Whether you come from privilege or from the projects, there is an expectation of your life experiences guiding your decision making process.  

Ms. Burns is an inspiration to women and people of color everywhere.  I commend her wonderful achievements and thank her for opening the door for countless women of color behind her.  And oh, love the power fro.

Daily News- Ursula Burns to head Xerox…


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