Defending Desiree

In government on December 9, 2009 at 11:38 pm

The Black Socialite has an excellent op-ed piece about the recent brouhaha concerning Desiree Rogers and the media’s attempt to “put her in her place”.  For the most part, I found that the article was wonderfully written.  It seems quite evident that the media (including, unfortunately, some blacks in the media) cannot seem to handle the fact that Ms. Rogers is talented, smart, rich, and beautiful.  Now, considering the economic climate Ms. Rogers must be careful to balance her love of fashion with the need to be sensitive to the current financial pressures that many Americans are facing.  However, the current crisis with the White House Party crashers was a security issue, first and foremost, that has nothing to do with Ms. Rogers as a person, only with her understanding of proper White House party-planning protocol.

My only critique of the article is The Black Socialite’s statement that ” So, if you truly support this Administration… criticize in private and praise publicly.”  Ladies and gentleman, we cannot be equal in some ways and not be equal in others.   Petty gossip and unwarranted negativity whose purpose is to tarnish the image of a kind of African-Americans we rarely see in this country is one thing.  Questions concerning protocol, policy, and propriety are another.  We should hold this administration to the same standards we would any other. However, I understand Black Socialite’s call to not stand for those in the media who continue to try to tear down members of our community who we should above all continue to be proud of and promote.


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