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Sub-Saharan Africa is tending

Sub-Saharan Africa is tending to fall behind other regions in terms of competitiveness. Human capital deficiencies—whether in terms of education or health—infrastructure and high crime levels tend to be deterrents as far as investors are concerned.

Sub-Saharan economies have become more competitive in the past year, according to the World Economic Forum (WEF)’s Global Competitiveness Report, published on September 8th. Adjusted for the fact that there is one less country ranked in the 2009/2010 report, 13 of the 26 Sub-Saharan economies rated have improved their standing, while three are unchanged from last year and ten have slipped back. The greatest improvement by far is registered by Uganda, up 20 places at 108th (out of 133 overall), while Lesotho jumps 16 places and Tanzania 13. The worst African performers over the past 12 months have been Mali, down 13 places, Ghana (-12) and Botswana (-10).

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Advice on Doing Business in Africa

Later this month, hundreds of U.S.-based small-business owners will meet potential partners and suppliers from Africa’s 53 countries at an international summit held in Washington, D.C. The 7th Biennial U.S.-Africa Business Summit will include a business matchmaking program aimed specifically at small and mid-sized companies on both continents, says Stephen Hayes, president and CEO of the trade group The Corporate Council on Africa, which is organizing the event. With democracy and vibrant free enterprise becoming common in many African nations, Hayes says, the continent is a promising emerging market that U.S. companies ignore at their peril. He spoke to Smart Answers columnist Karen E. Klein.

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WORLD Magazine - Today's News | Christian Views Africa Rising: Rwanda wins most improved award in world business report.

Lost in the shadows of one black head of state at the UN General Assembly was another, Rwandan president Paul Kagame. Outside UN meetings Kagame received little world attention for a feat reported at the same time world leaders convened in New York: Rwanda has done the most to make itself a business-friendly environment, vaulting from 143rd place to 67th in the World Bank’s annual “Doing Business” report.

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 to fall behind other regions in terms of competitiveness. Human capital deficiencies—whether in terms of education or health—infrastructure and high crime levels tend to be deterrents as far as investors are concerned.



Eat and Drink Black

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Selena Cuffe of Heritage Link Brands

Heritage Link Brands is the only U.S. company dedicated to importing and distributing wines produced by black South Africans.  Run by Selena Cuffe, an African- American Harvard Business School graduate, the company’s sales surpassed $1 million in 2008 and revenue increased 50% this year.  Pair the wines with Bryan Terry’s vegan recipes in Vegan Soul Kitchen.


“The Obama Effect” on Test Scores?, An Underdog Congressional Candidate and Justice in Nigeria (?)

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nigeria flares

Dr. Ray Friedman of Vanderbilt University claims that black students achieved higher scores on standardized tests after Obama’s achievements during the presidential election.  Dr. Joshua Aronson of NYU thinks it’s all bull.  What’s the truth?

Underdog congressional race candidate Anthony Woods is a young African-American, an Iraqi veteran, and a Harvard grad.  He’s also openly gay and opposed to “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”.  Can he win the California 10th district seat?

After more than 10 years of legal battles, Shell has agreed to a $15.5 million settlement to benefit the Ogani community in Nigeria.  Shell was sued by Ken Saro-Wiwa Jr., the father of an environmental activist hanged in Nigeria. The company is accused of ordering the execution of  his father, Ken Saro-Wiwa, and other non-violent human rights activists in the country who protested the company’s environmental practices.

We Are on a Roll: Ursula Burns, First Black Female CEO to head Xerox

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Ms. Burns is making waves (and history) at Xerox

Ms. Burns is making waves (and history) at Xerox

It’s only the middle of the week and the excellent news of keeps pouring in. I happened to see a copy of the Wall Street Journal at work today with Ms. Burns’s picture.  This fabulous woman of humble beginnings has worked her way up from intern to CEO of Xerox.

I find curious that the New York Daily news article quotes Ms. Burns as saying, “My perspective comes in part from being a New York black lady…” when a similar comment by Supreme Court Justice Nominee Sonia Solomayor has sparked cries of racism.  

I personally see nothing wrong with being honest about your cultural background affecting the way you see things and do business.  Whether you come from privilege or from the projects, there is an expectation of your life experiences guiding your decision making process.  

Ms. Burns is an inspiration to women and people of color everywhere.  I commend her wonderful achievements and thank her for opening the door for countless women of color behind her.  And oh, love the power fro.

Daily News- Ursula Burns to head Xerox…