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Le Monde Noir TV: Esperanza Spalding at the White House

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To Weave or Not to Weave (The One Millionth Response to the Question) and other Entertainment News

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Tyra Banks

With Michelle Obama in the White House and Tyra Banks ripping out her weaves on TV, the issue of how black women wear their hair is more contentious than ever. Hannah Pool takes on the politics of weaves, wigs and relaxers…

Guardian UK

Precious has won the People’s Choice Award at the Toronto International Film Festival, prompting whispers of future possible Oscar wins.

“When Love is Black”, an article featured on the Black Snob and Essence.com has garnered some interesting comments from readers on the state of black love.  Do you believe, as one of the commenters have suggested, that African-American black women are the only ones defending black love?

Sites I Like

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TJC 040407 A

Generation Tony Childs has musings on fashion, culture, and politics.  A recent posting on Genevieve Jones has inspired to dig up more info on the “Super Black Socialite” for an upcoming profile on Louisiana women (Ms. Jones is from Baton Rouge, my place of birth).

The Black Socialite, is a blog that profiles a class of African-Americans that many in the media refused to believe existed before Barack and Michelle Obama.  A recent posting has discusses another prominent Louisiana woman, Desiree Rogers.  Scroll down and you’ll see a group photo of escorts from AKA’s most recent beautillion in New Orleans (we’re everywhere!).

55 Secret Street is a black run blog on beauty and fashion.  It regularly features black professionals in the industry with great beauty advice for women of color.  It also shares coupon codes to fashion and beauty sites.


If your boyfriend makes reference to some sort of sex issue or gets all psychological about your relationship, more than likely he is got it from this site.  Naked with Socks On is a sex and relationship blog written by a black New Yorker (if I’m correct).  It’s actually really interesting and the comments to his postings are usually just as interesting to read as the postings themselves.

Defending Rap Music

In Entertainment on June 8, 2009 at 11:30 pm

Throwback video from Chris Rock’s Never Scared performance in Washington, D.C.  I randomly thought of it as I was listening to Drake’s “Best I Ever Had” single.  My mother finds the unedited version extremely offensive and as I began to defend some of the lyrics (“That’s only one part of the song!  He’s not talking just about sex!”), I instantly thought of Chris Rock’s monologue about defending rap music.

As I’ve gotten a little older, I’ve actually started to appreciate hip-hop more.  I never really listened to it or got into the culture but somehow I’ve started to gravitate toward the music- downloading mix tapes and researching up-and-coming artist(s). However, as a young, African-American female (raised in the Catholic school system) the lyrics of today’s artists sometimes make me cringe.  

Am I advocating artists stifling the creative process and censoring their work?  No, but couldn’t Drake just as easily have said, “Baby, you’re the best” as opposed to “You the f*****in’ best?” I think soo… I love the radio version of the song, the album version I play a little less frequently.  

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