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President Obama Wins the Nobel Prize! Coverage

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Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize-  [Huffington Post]
Praise and Skepticism Greet Obama Nobel award- [Reuters]
Analysis: Obama’s Nobel honors promise, not action- [Associated Press
Syria Reacts Warmly to Obama Peace Prize- [Wall Street Journal]
The First Draft: What was the Nobel committee thinking?- [Reuters Blogs



New Orleans Notes: Recommendations for President Obama

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Barack Obama elected 44th president of the United States

Will he tour the disappearing wetlands? Check out America’s most sweeping experiment in education reform? Meet with some of the 1 million volunteers who have come to the scene of the nation’s costliest disaster?

So far, the White House isn’t saying what will be on, or off, the agenda when President Barack Obama visits New Orleans in the middle of this month.

But lots of people are making suggestions, some even asking members of the Louisiana congressional delegation to do a little personal lobbying on their behalf.

Continue reading on Nola.com.

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“The Obama Effect” on Test Scores?, An Underdog Congressional Candidate and Justice in Nigeria (?)

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nigeria flares

Dr. Ray Friedman of Vanderbilt University claims that black students achieved higher scores on standardized tests after Obama’s achievements during the presidential election.  Dr. Joshua Aronson of NYU thinks it’s all bull.  What’s the truth?

Underdog congressional race candidate Anthony Woods is a young African-American, an Iraqi veteran, and a Harvard grad.  He’s also openly gay and opposed to “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”.  Can he win the California 10th district seat?

After more than 10 years of legal battles, Shell has agreed to a $15.5 million settlement to benefit the Ogani community in Nigeria.  Shell was sued by Ken Saro-Wiwa Jr., the father of an environmental activist hanged in Nigeria. The company is accused of ordering the execution of  his father, Ken Saro-Wiwa, and other non-violent human rights activists in the country who protested the company’s environmental practices.

News and Culture Links

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Bethann Hardison is featured in the current ( and beautiful) issue of Arise Magazine, along with Spike Lee and a feature on the new class of young, global Africans referred to as Afropolitans. I found my copy at Barnes & Noble.


Make Fetch Happen features some of the newest ads and editorials featuring black models including Britain’s Jordan Dunn in the new Yves Saint Laurent men’s fragrence ad above. 


The Boston Globe has an article on Chanequa Campbell, a black Harvard senior who is being barred from graduation due to the school linking her to the recent murder of a young man on the campus.  NewsOne questions why the Black Harvard community is staying silent on the issue.


The Root takes on the black civil rights community’s silence on the abortion debate and Dr. Tiller’s murder.

Sometimes You Just Have To Take Matters Into Your Own Hands

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From NOLA.com

Eastover Resident Opens Health Clinic In New Orleans East

From Diversityinc.com

How I Helped Raise $500,000 in Scholarship Funds for my HBCU

Astronaut Charles Bolden first African-American, 2nd Astronaut Nominated to Lead NASA

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If confirmed, Charles Bolden would be the first African-American head of NASA.  Who says African-Americans don’t excel in the math and science fields?



Capital File Magazine Profiles Social Secretary Desiree’ Rogers and Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett

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As someone who will be heading to Washington, D.C. in about a year after completing my M.A. program, I have really taken to D.C.’s social magazines. Capital File and Washington Life are websites I frequently visit.  I also love DC blogs such as Capital Hill Style and Off the Cuff, and I check out Washingtonian Magazine as well when I want to read about local real estate, restaurants, and other things.

The Capital File Summer Issue has a beautiful spread of Desiree’ Rogers and Valerie Jarrett and the interview can be read here.  The article features a “day in the life” of both women and highlights them in high-end fashion.  Read it it for your daily dose of inspiration.

VOGUE profile on Dr. Susan Rice

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With previous profiles on Desiree’ Rogers, Valerie Jarrett, and of course, First Lady Michelle Obama, Vogue Magazine is becoming the place to go to  check out the “Black Cabinet”.  Though Vogue is still on probationary status (along with Vanity Fair, most recent offense here), the magazine is taking a step in the right direction.