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The Decade Part 1: People to Know {pop culture}

In People and Pop Culture on December 21, 2009 at 6:56 pm

Quadruplets Kenny, Martina, Ray and Carol Crouch were the first quadruplets admitted to Yale.


Lou Jing, a young contestant on China’s version of American Idol, sparks debate within the country (and around the world), on race and identity.

Genevieve Jones (accessories designer), Shala Monroque (editor-in-chief of Pop Magazine), and Desiree Rogers (former President of Peoples Gas and North Shore Gas, current Social Secretary) were introduced to the world as “Socialites 2.0”.  While these women party in style, they have the brains and business sense to back up their beauty.


President Obama Wins the Nobel Prize! Coverage

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Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize-  [Huffington Post]
Praise and Skepticism Greet Obama Nobel award- [Reuters]
Analysis: Obama’s Nobel honors promise, not action- [Associated Press
Syria Reacts Warmly to Obama Peace Prize- [Wall Street Journal]
The First Draft: What was the Nobel committee thinking?- [Reuters Blogs


The New Tyra and Naomi: Jordan and Chanel Iman + The Hollis & Ariel Show

In Fashion, Women on October 5, 2009 at 9:31 pm

Clutch Magazine and NY Mag are talking about the new Teen Vogue cover that features arguably today’s top black models.  The magazine gets extra props after putting Native American and New Moon actor Taylor Lautner on their October cover

Now while I love these two new models, I have a problem with the fact that the modeling industry is so unrealistic when it comes to body types that they need teenagers to wear their clothes.  Remember, Chanel Iman started modeling at a very young age.  And does anyone else think that this is too much considering Chanel Iman very much looks her age?

Anyway, at the very least, these two have long careers ahead of them.  Great job Teen Vogue!



The Hollis & Ariel Show

Southern Belles Hollis (Tennessee) and Ariel (Louisiana) have a little fun with a digital camera.  Click photo.

Blacks, Europeans, and Football: The Story of Mario Balotelli

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The beauty of sports is that they often force folks to confront racial, social and economic issues head-on. An unmatched presence worldwide, Soccer is one sport where the conversations in these areas are ever-present.

Mario Balotelli, by most people’s assumption, would be a fair-skinned Italian. Born Mario Hurwa, he’s actually a black Ghanian whose parents immigrated to Italy and gave him up to an Italian family. At 19 and already a starter every now and then for one of Europe’s premier clubs,Internazionale, he’s the brightest talent Italy has to offer in his age group. Strong, lightning-quick and standing at 6’2,” he’s a physical force to be reckoned with.

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Black Style: Michelle Fenty

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Michelle Fenty's fashion sense is profiled in the Huffington Post.

Michelle Fenty's fashion sense is profiled in the Huffington Post.

 The Huffington Post’s Style section has been a great resource for covering the Obama women’s (Michelle and members of the administration) style sense.  The paper has covered Michelle Fenty before, but this is a more recent article on her style choices.  She has a very natural, unfussy look a la Joy Bryant.  I love it.  As a fan of Ms. Fenty’s style (and the fact that she is an HBCU grad, extremely smart woman and working mom), here are a few (past) articles on all there is to love about Ms. Fenty.

Inching into the Public Eye“-  Washington Post
Staff Bio– Perkins Coie
Michelle Fenty Feels at Home with Women in Power“- Politico 
Working Women: Michelle Fenty“- ABC 7 News

News and Culture Links

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Bethann Hardison is featured in the current ( and beautiful) issue of Arise Magazine, along with Spike Lee and a feature on the new class of young, global Africans referred to as Afropolitans. I found my copy at Barnes & Noble.


Make Fetch Happen features some of the newest ads and editorials featuring black models including Britain’s Jordan Dunn in the new Yves Saint Laurent men’s fragrence ad above. 


The Boston Globe has an article on Chanequa Campbell, a black Harvard senior who is being barred from graduation due to the school linking her to the recent murder of a young man on the campus.  NewsOne questions why the Black Harvard community is staying silent on the issue.


The Root takes on the black civil rights community’s silence on the abortion debate and Dr. Tiller’s murder.